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Quality management

Quality policy

Rottigni OM commits to improve continuously the company processes to keep an organization that complies with the specific requirements according to the norm UNI EN ISO 9001 and to be able:

     1.    Constantly supply products and service that meet the needs of our customers and fulfil unexpected requests;

     2.    Help increase our customer satisfaction;

     3.    Face proactively the risk and the opportunity connected with its working environment and goals;

To fulfil its mission, Rottigni OM intends to:

    •    Develop and keep the quality management system as a tool to reach the target, fulfil our commitments, promote the continuous development of company process to comply with product and service requirements;

    •    Adopt an integrated system for the risk management, to guarantee that the residual risk is minimized in carrying out the company processes;

    •    Engage in active listening to our customers’ indications, suggestions, and properly focus on theire needs for a better and faster satisfaction;

    •    Spread the organization culture and appropriate methodologies so that anyone working there can constantly provide the best service;

    •    Guarantee a high level of satisfaction of all employees through the pursuit of loyalty and sense of responsibility; Encourage the staff so that they can achieve their best attitude, interests as well as their own technical and organization competence;

    •    Invest in training to create good conditions so that every single employee can work independently and is aware of how much his/her activity can contribute and is important to reach the quality targets;

    •    Establish and periodically, at least annually, review many indicators and goals to drive improvement at all levels;


Certificate ICIM n. 8746-1